Lesson 1: Why a Cell Phone Contract Doesn't Always Work

MODULE 10: Collaborative Expectations

Respect is a two-way street and this module focuses on how to understand and respect our teens so we can create collaborative expectations. 

You’ll learn how to create tech boundaries that both of you can live with, unlike a cellphone contract that feels dictatorial to our teens. You’ll also learn whether or not to monitor your teen’s digital activities, how much to monitor, and if you do, some of our favorite tools to do so.

Next Actions:

  • When our oldest got her first phone, we decided a cell phone contract wasn't for us. Tyler and I both felt this way. We knew we wanted to teach her and help her to be accountable—but we didn't feel a contract was a good way to go about it. It turns out we weren't the only ones that thought this. I later found articles that supported this. I've linked to a few below.
  • Do a quick Google search for cell phone contracts to familiarize yourself with the common rules and guidelines parents often use.

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