Hi there, fellow parent of teens!

Chances are you’ve got a teen (or pre-teen) in your house…and perhaps there’s a device (or two!) hanging out in their hand too!

You’re either regretting that decision, or you’re dreading the day you must face this duo head-on.

You would like to have a calm conversation with your teen about their need, ahem—want—for a new phone, video game, or the latest social media app. You want this conversation to end without tears or slamming doors.

You miss the “Hey, how was your day?” conversations you used to have. Instead, you find yourself fighting for your teen’s attention over their TikTok feed or Mr. Beast’s latest YouTube video. 

You wish your teen would wake up in the morning excited about learning a new song on the guitar or trying out for the soccer team, instead of immediately grabbing their phone to scroll through Instagram wondering how many likes their last photo got or to post their daily Snap.

On the flipside…

You might be the parent with all the parental controls and boundaries in place, making you “the meanest mom or dad in the world” and you’re wondering how to maintain a healthy relationship with your teen and still hold your ground.

Really, you just wish you could make tech disappear altogether, but you’ve come to terms with the fact that tech is here to stay.

And you’re not giving up. 

As an intentional parent, you’re here because you want what’s best for your teen.

You’re committed to raising a teen with a sense of self stronger than any screen. And yet you find yourself wondering… 

...if it’s possible for your teen to enjoy the benefits of technology without embracing its dark side? 

…can your teen use tech as a tool, without becoming another tech-tethered statistic?

...how can you and your teen make meaningful connections and lasting memories and not turn to a device every second of the day?

Hi! I'm Andrea Davis,

Mom to 5 and a former Secondary Education teacher turned screen-time-navigator for families who are ready to parent from a place of confidence, not fear. Parents who are willing to delay devices AND teach their teens how to have a healthy relationship with technology.

believe we don’t have to battle tech. We have to create boundaries for it and then, empower our teens to use it wisely so when they go out in the world, they’re better prepared, they know what to expect and they are ready to handle the challenges and the consequences.

believe in hope and guilt-free parenting. We already have a lot to deal with. The last thing you need is someone shoving more to-dos on your plate. 

You need a fellow mom who understands it’s okay to not have everything figured out all the time. 

You need a researcher who finds what you absolutely need to know about so you can stop paying attention to the fear-mongering and start putting your energy toward what really matters—your teen!

You need a friend who happens to have a framework she’s tested on her teens.

I’m that friend, that researcher, that mom.

As a mom to 5 kids, ages 8 to (almost!) 18, I’m right there in the trenches with you.

I’m personally invested in figuring this out.

I get to do this FIVE times! #sendchocolate

You’re tired of everyday screen time battles and struggles. Seeing your teen spend hours on YouTube consuming mindlessly instead of creating intentionally makes your heart ache.

You’re exhausted with the micromanaging and the reactive, knee-jerk, yell-at-your-teen “protocol” that kicks in each time you see screens go up.

BUT… you don’t want your tech battles to drive a wedge between your teen and you. 

You need a fresh take, a healthy approach, an effective way to turn down the volume on the tech noise that’s currently drowning out all conversation in your home.

Or you might be the parent who has been holding out!

You’ve limited your teen’s access to tech and you feel paralyzed. You’ve read the studies and the headlines, and you know the dangers that are lurking on the other side of the screen. 

You’ve held your ground—always saying no to every tech request, but you’re feeling that pit in your stomach and voice in your head, telling you that you need to do more—prepare your teen more.

But, you’re not feeling ready to give your teen more access. 

You’re not sure how to move forward or what to do next.

You want someone to show you how to take a slow-tech approach to technology and mentor your teen along the way so your teen can learn to use tech wisely without it taking over their life.

As a parent of three teenagers myself, I can tell you this…

Our teens need us.

The stats are startling…and the stories?
The stories are heartbreaking.

Parents often share the disconnect and struggles with me...

“My son spends so much time in his room on his phone or playing Xbox with his friends.”

“My daughter is always on Discord because she says it’s the best way to talk to her friends. Sadly I learned she’s been talking to strangers, too.”

“My son spends most of his ‘homework time’ sneaking in YouTube videos on his school provided Chromebook.”

“My son has lost all interest in his old hobbies. All he wants to do is watch YouTube or play Minecraft and none of his friends seem to have any limits so this drives a wedge in our relationship.”

“My daughter is always begging for the latest social media app and I know it would be a bad idea to allow it. Every time we have this conversation it ends in tears.”

“I wish my teens would realize that playing video games is not life.”

“My teen has poor boundaries with his phone and video games. He isn’t focused during school work and relies on his device any time he is bored or wants to check out.”

In order to combat all of this, parents try:
  • Adding more parental controls and limits
  • Tearing devices out of a teen’s hands and unplugging all the tech
  • Printing out a cell phone contract and requesting their teen sign it

In the end, parents feel defeated because nothing worked—but now they are EVEN MORE disconnected from their teen.
It feels like a losing battle.

You Are Your Teen’s Best Mentor

You do not have to “give up” or “give in” to handing over all the devices and apps because this is just “how teens are these days.”

You can take a slow-tech approach and tailor the tech to your teen. After all, you know your teen better than anyone else!

You can help your teen see the choices they’ll need to make as they decide how they will use technology. They’ll realize they don’t have to download every new app that comes along.

There is no one-size-fits-all tech solution, but there are best practices that will strengthen your relationship with your teen and help them gain a sense of self stronger than ANY screen.

We’ve gathered our top
teen-approved tech tactics and we’re sharing them with intentional parents in a one-of-a-kind

4-Week LIVE course starting January 9th, 2023!


4 Weeks to Untangling Tech

& Mentoring Your Teen

A teen-tested, research-backed formula for overwhelmed parents who want to reconnect with their teen and help their teen gain a sense of self stronger than any screen.
Let's do this TOGETHER!

Get the help you need with our special introductory price of $347!

(Next time we offer this course the price will be $397)

It’s time to finally sigh with relief and feel confident about raising teens who thrive in a tech-heavy world. 

It’s time to be proactive about preparing your teen to sidestep the pitfalls of tech. 

It’s time to have an easy yet effective approach to deal with screen time as a parent-teen team with: 

  • A proven framework for creating a teen-parent pledge. Not a cellphone contract, but a plan that works for YOUR teen.
  • Strategies for personal boundaries around devices. Boundaries don’t mean you don’t use screens at all—you’re just intentional about it.
  • Confidence to help you feel in control of the tech in your home.
  • More connection with your teen.
  • Ideas on how to retract or go back when a device has become a wedge in your relationship or an escape for your teen.
  • Proven steps to take a slow-tech approach. More access and more freedom doesn’t have to mean leaving family values in the dust. Discover how you can instill lasting values without turning into the resident dictator.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’ve prepared your teen. Even when they head to college, you'll rest easy knowing there's a much better chance they will make smart, safe tech decisions when you're not around.

In Just 4 Weeks you'll get…

  • Full Access to the Untangling Teens & Tech Course—Pre-recorded lessons to help you know how to talk to your teen about digital dangers, digital distractions, and digital discernment.
  • Entire course available as a private podcast so you can listen on the go!
  • LIVE Teaching every Tuesday, followed by a Q&A.
  • HAPO (Help a Parent Out) every Friday. Share a sticky situation (anonymously ahead of time if you want) and get Andrea and other parents’ insights on how to solve it.

Your focus on connecting us with our teens has had such an impact.

“Andrea, my son and I are now regularly doing Sunday tech talks and last week, after watching the TED talks, he confided some hard things that had been going on—totally unrelated to phones. Your focus on connecting us with our teens has had such an impact."

- Becca Lloyd

Plus, we'll give you the extra support you need as a parent of a teenager—

with these BONUSES!

These LIVE sessions are designed to help you, your spouse or partner, and your teen, untangle the tech and learn together.
We can't wait for this!
Parenting Teens Q&A with Brooke Romney

Brooke is a writer, speaker, and connector and is committed to sharing real life with a hopeful twist. You might be familiar with her best-selling books: 52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens Volume 1 and 2. They are a favorite resources in our home!

Brooke's fresh perspective and relatable style has engaged millions of readers in The Washington Post, Deseret News, Studio 5, Time Out for Women, and on her own blog and Instagram @brookeromneywrites where she has created a vibrant community of women who learn and lift.


Brooke comes from girly roots but has morphed into an outdoor adventuring, dirt loving mom of 4 boys, one daughter-in-law, and a new grandbaby.

Bring all your questions about raising teens to this open Q&A. This call is for parents only.

Anxiety & Teens with
Cristi Dame

Cristi is a licensed professional counselor, founder of The Playful Nest®, podcaster, Certified Language of Listening® coach, and mom of four spunky kids. Determined to never let go of her playful heart, she chose to specialize in working with children and teenagers using play therapy, sand tray, and expressive arts…basically any excuse to play!

Cristi believes that connection between parent and child is KEY for their inner growth and uses a strength-based approach when she coaches parents on how to better intentionally connect, validate, and actively listen to their child.

Cristi started as a counselor right before smartphones took off and has seen first hand how they have contributed to anxiety and depression. These therapy experiences have shaped her view of the role of technology in our kids' lives and their mental health.

Cristi will share tangible tools to help your teen identify and deal with any anxiety that might pop up in their life. Feel free to bring your teen to this call.

Tricky Tech with
Spencer Sessions

My friend Spencer Sessions is a father of five, an IT Security Engineer at a University, and in his ‘spare time’ creates leadership curriculum for parents and organizations.

Spencer is smart, humble, and all the things you’d hope your kids would grow up to be—but a gaming obsession earlier on in life could have easily prevented him from creating a life he wanted. He loves sharing his story of how he changed his focus away from gaming and will provide some great insights of how you might help your teens do the same.

Navigating topics like pornography and gaming can be tricky, but it can be much easier with Spencer's easy to implement steps! You can bring your teen to this call.

Teen-to-Teen Night

Bring your teen to this teen-to-teen night where our oldest (almost 18!)) will share what it was like to go back to a brick phone and the training (and restrictions) she's endured as she's gained more access to tech and prepares to leave home. Your teens can bring their questions (or complaints!).

Spoiler alert: it was hard at first, but her college essay revealed she was grateful for all those tech boundaries after all.

Tech Time with Tyler

Tyler has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue and currently works as a software engineer. He knows about workarounds and loopholes. ;)

Invite your spouse or partner (if possible) to join you for this call.

Bring all your tech questions!

All classes will be recorded and saved inside the course so you can listen and watch the replays at any point!


(SPECIAL INTRO PRICE! Regular price—$397)


One-on-One AND Community Support

Get personalized support via the Voxer app!

Send your questions as we go and connect with like-minded parents through chat.

No worries if you haven't showered or are waiting in the carpool line. You can quickly send a voice memo—no video required. ;)

This special bonus will be available January 9th-February 3rd, 2023. We've never offered anything like it!

The strategies in this 4-Week course have been helping parents for YEARS in our course Untangling Teens & Tech.

Just what I've been searching for!

“This course has been just what I have been searching for! It is organized in a way that is doable and informative. I can tell my teen actually enjoys the time alone with me. We've had great conversations about important topics, like what do you want your future to look like and then connecting that to her technological use and choices. I will be doing this program with my other kids when they are teens, too. Such a great investment in their future!"


"I have been learning from you for years and we are starting Untangling Teens & Tech with our 3 child now!

I love what you have created and it has been a huge help in our home!"

- Brittany Turley

"I never knew how much to restrict and control and how much to teach."

"I enrolled in your new course Untangling Teens and Tech. I've struggled with my teens and their tech. I never knew how much to restrict and control and how much to teach and just let them figure it out. One problem I've always run into is not knowing how to help them to own good technology use. I just want you to know that your course far exceeded my expectations. It addressed the whole child and how to help them use technology to soar instead of being fettered by it.

Your course teaches how to help them own good tech habits and to care for the rest of their lives in the process. I've only purchased one other internet courses in my life and I felt like I took a risk buying this one hoping it would be worth that much money. I'm happy to say it was worth that and more! There is no where else in a book or on the internet (that I've found) that addresses this complete of a picture of teens and technology. I've already started with my oldest teen (17) and I know that eventually all of my 6 kids will benefit greatly from what I've learned from this course."


“We have six kids, four of them teenagers. :) I can honestly say we do not currently have screen struggles. We are careful and using what I learned from your course, Untangling Teens & Tech, it is more clear to me how to help them develop naturally without screens getting in the way.

Also, for those parents struggling, I must say that we had every screen struggle (except pornography) with my oldest daughter, and she had deep depression and terrible phone use, but....she is now several months into a church mission and joyfully serving. No one would ever know looking at her bright eyes, smile, and industrious attitude, that she ever struggled so much in high school.”

- Ameri Belliston, mom of 6 (4 teens)

Sounds principles + relationship-based techniques

"Andrea’s course hits the perfect balance between sound principles and relationship-based techniques. The course brought to my attention certain practices which I had never thought of—fresh ideas which I could start implementing right away.

Untangling Teens and Tech is a sound and savvy resource for every parent wanting to safely navigate their teen in this crazy world. I will definitely be spreading the word!"


"What parent doesn't want to build a solid relationship with their teen while helping them safely navigate tech?! Andrea's course has helped our family promote open communication and collaboration with our teens as we team together to understand the benefits and risks of technology. 

Untangling Teens and Tech has helped me educate and mentor my teens so they can navigate technology using intentional and powerful tools. I STILL recommend Andrea's programs to every parent I talk to!"

- Melanee, mother of four

“Look Around and See Who You Can Help" Guarantee

As a former Secondary Education teacher, a stay-at-home mom, founder of Better Screen Time, and the creator of this course, I take your trust in me very seriously. 

I always tell my kids, “Just look around and see who you can help.” 

This course was born out of that need to help fellow parents navigate the turbulent tech waters with something more than just a technological band-aid. 

Which is why if you, at any time during the first 30 days of enrollment, feel that this course is not helping you to tackle tech, reconnect, or give your teen a sense of self stronger than any screen, email me and I’ll refund your money. 

Helping YOU create a stronger, richer, happier family experience is what I’m ALL about.

You've got options

Plus, you get to save on our special introductory price and get lifetime access!

Over 5 years ago, in the chaos of a cross-country move, we handed over an abandoned smartphone to our 12-year-old.

She is the classic oldest child—super responsible—the kind of kid that cleans her room without being asked. 

The phone seemed like a good idea. She could stay connected with old friends and we could reach each other in a place where we didn’t know anyone.

Months passed...

One day our daughter came home from school and while spooning cereal into her mouth with one hand, she was scrolling with the other hand—and not talking to me. It used to be a "How was your day?" moment, but suddenly the phone was more important than our daily chat. I wondered where my kid went.

A few months later I was leaning over the kitchen counter looking at my own phone when I came across a video of our daughter lip-syncing an inappropriate song she found online. I knew she didn’t really grasp the meaning of the lyrics, but I realized at that moment we had failed her. We had given her too much too soon. 

My husband and I agreed we needed a major tech reset in our home. 

We replaced the smartphone with a brick phone with no internet access (all we had then. There were many tears. As parents, it was one of the most challenging, yet smartest things we've done to safeguard our family from the harms of the online world.

I don’t wish this experience on any other family. And unfortunately, many families have experienced much worse. I don’t say this to scare you, but to help you understand that when you hand a device to a child you are handing them the world.

We can’t completely protect our children from all the harms out there, but we can prepare them (and ourselves!). 

As our children grow and enter adolescence we take on a new role. Instead of being in charge of every moment in our children's lives, we become more of a coach and mentor.

Add tech into the mix, and it becomes a tricky tightrope indeed!

Teens today use technology to connect with their friends and peers (normal part of adolescence!), to learn, create, and be entertained. 

But, we can’t just hand over a device and walk away. There are too many risks. Our teens’ brains are still under construction and well, they’re teens! (Remember those days?

With my background in secondary education, I set out to create a new approach to teens and tech—a team approach, centered on mentoring, not just monitoring our teens

The result was our course Untangling Teens & Tech. I've loved hearing how the principles in that course have changed the tech trajectory for so many teens and parents at a critical point in their lives.

And now I'd like to invite you to join me as we tackle tech and mentor our teens together in just 4 weeks!